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desktop mockup from Chib Designed It LLC a professional web design agency.

The start of Chib Designed It came in 2018 when a member of Chib's church asked him if he knew how to build websites. Chib promptly said no but stated he could learn. Spending a year learning web design theory, design theory, design tools, design platforms, and more, Chib fell in love with design and created his first website for Immaculate Conception/St. Bridget's. From the spark of an idea to the creation of something stunning, Chib found a passion that laid deep within. Combining what he learned from his marketing courses and education courses, Chib was able to develop a business plan and identity he could be proud of.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit and Chib was completing his Doctorate Degree in Education, Chib was furloughed from his day job. Needing an outlet for his mind from the loads of schoolwork, Chib decided to take his design skills and turn it into a business. He worked to get clients but didn't get many but was able to continuously refine his skills. He kept working on his business, networking with others, and finally started getting some clients. Now Chib Designed It LLC has created over 30 websites for clients all over the country.

Seeking to provide top-notch service, Chib found partners that could offer services to clients in house to get a full professional experience. Chib's partnerships are grounded in trust and respect for the skills of his colleagues. With these partnerships, Chib aims to shed light on how good business is not something that seeks to get one over on others but rather to see each other succeed.

Founder/Co-Owner/ Head Designer
Head shot of Chib, who is the co-owner of Chib Designed It LLC a professional web design agency.

Chib's responsibilities include client management, website design, and business solutions for clients. He has been designing since 2018.


Co-Owner/ Chief Financial Officer
Head shot of Gabby, who is the co-owner of Chib Designed It LLC a professional web design agency.

Gabby Pringle is the co-Owner of Chib Designed It LLC and the founder of the Budgeting Boss. She is also the coordinator of the Student Money Management Center at Texas Women's University. Her extensive knowledge of finance allows Chib Designed It LLC to keep the books clean and the business on task. She also works on personal budgeting so if you need her services, please feel free to contact her directly.

Budgeting Boss:

Brand & Luxury Designer
Head shot of Chris Reinecke who is the owner of Reinecke Designs.

Reinecke Design was established in 2016, out of the belief that businesses should expect more from their creative services. We began with a deep respect for small business, a background in Graphic Design, and the philosophy that "Design is the act of creating with purpose, on purpose.


UI/UX Designer/3D Animator
Head shot of Guan Hwei-Wu a professional Graphic Designer, animator, 3D designer, and brand designer.

Guan-Huei is an experienced motion graphics designer, UI/UX designer, visual designer and travel enthusiast living in NYC.


Speciality: Motion Graphics, Animation, Video Editing, Marketing Design, UI/UX Design, Brand System Design, Illustration and Visual Design.


Tax Advisor/Preparer
Head shot of Tino Morales the owner of Morales Financial LLC that serves people and companies in their personal tax, business tax, accounting, and financial needs.

Tino specializes in correcting financial errors created or unresolved by other professionals. His career in accounting began working at a small accounting firm where he learned valuable experience and working one-on-one with clients. This experience allows him to offer clients a personalized service and attention others can’t offer. He is the founder and owner of Morales Financial LLC.


The Chib Designed It Team

Our team of professionals have a plethora of experience in their fields. What makes them special is they all have their own companies in their fields. Our trusted partnerships with them allow Chib Designed It LLC to provide the highest quality service and experience to clients. If you're ready to work with us, schedule a meeting or contact us today! Please feel free to contact anyone on the team directly for their specific services.

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