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Make Them Stare

At Chib Designed It, we believe in delivering top-quality web design and development services to our clients, no matter how big or small the project. We understand that your online presence is crucial to your success, which is why we work with your timeline, are transparent throughout the design process, and offer personalized service that honors the dignity of all our clients. Let us help you take your business to the next level with our professional and innovative designs.

Hours of design experience

10k +

On time delivery of projects


Customer satisfaction based on reviews


Over 40 websites created


Let's have fun and deliver excellence. This is the model we live by at Chib Designed It. We want our clients to enjoy the process of creating something magnificent and be proud of their product. We offer web design, marketing, and business development services. With us, you find a caring connection with large company execution.

Chib Designed It

Chib Designed It Logo - Web Design Agency
Dr. Chib Onwunaka - Founder of Chib Designed It LLC - Web Design Agency

Co-Owner/Head Designer

Chib Onwunaka

Gabby Pringle - Co Owner of Chib Designed It LLC - Web Design Agency
Gabby Pringle - Co Owner of Chib Designed It LLC - Web Design Agency

Co-Owner/Chief Financial Officer

Gabby Pringle

Featured Services

We create a powerful website that is up to 20 pages. This is a great package for medium - large companies and startups.

Opal Design Package

Chib Designed It Logo - Web Design Agency

Get noticed online with a powerful stunning website that's up to 5-pages. We match your brand while helping expand your online presence.  Great for small businesses, startups, and events. 

Diamond Design Package

Chib Designed It Logo - Web Design Agency

Ready to take your online presence to the next level? We help you refresh your website with a modern design that will make you stand out. Our latest technologies can save you time and increase your impact. Take advantage of our redesign service that covers up to 5 pages!

Emerald Re-Design Package

Chib Designed It Logo - Web Design Agency

As a business owner, keeping your website up-to-date with fresh content and design can be a time-consuming challenge. Let Chib Designed It take the burden off your shoulders with our professional website retainer and client relations services. Email us your updates and watch your site improve in no time.

Sapphire Retainer Services

Chib Designed It Logo - Web Design Agency

Featured Projects

Nelms Consultancy Website Screenshot - Leadership and Education Consulting Company in New York - Web Design

Nelms Consulting Group is a leadership consulting firm. They focus on corporations looking to develop more effective leadership to increase worker satisfaction and efficiency.

Majestic Media Website Screenshot - Photography & Videography Company in Washington D.C. - Web Design

Majestic Media is a media company based in the Washington, DC area. They specialize in photography for various events i.e. wedding, corporate, baby showers, and sporting events. They complete both videography projects that range from commercials to music videos. The owner is a creative director with years of experience and unlimited passion.

Courtney Marie Photography Website Screenshot - New York - Web Design

Courtney Marie Photography is exactly what it sounds like. Courtney Marie is a photographer based in Rochester, NY and she captures the beauty of her subject in a variety of lights. She specializes in wedding, engagement, family, corporate, and boudoir. Check out her site now.

MSKSPC Website Screenshot - Manual Therapy Company - Web Design

Muskuloskeletal Specialists are located in New, Mexico and specialize in manual therapy to help people heal from a plethora of issues. They requested a site that captures the modernism of their company and the high level of professionalism they exude.

Our Pillars

Modern Style

We aim to create sites that will be beautiful today and for years to come.

Vibrant Output

We love what catches the eyes. When people are on your site, you want them to keep scrolling and that's what I aim to do.

Competitor Research

We want you to compete with the best. Thus, we research your competitors and find ways to ensure your site is top notch like theirs.

Personalized Touch

We aim to meet the needs of all clients based on where they are. We adapt our approach and style to those needs to ensure clients are overly satisfied.

Transparent Design

We provide updates on what has been done for the web design project, and we are available to talk via phone, zoom, and email, & we send reminders when necessary for certain tasks.


We strive to ensure that the web design process will not be painstaking for you. We make it a fun  experience. 

Use the button below to schedule a meeting with us. We value time and in our free consultation we always give you tips and insights. Whether you choose to go with us or another company, we ultimately want you to succeed. Contact us today about anything web design related and we're happy to be of service.

Book a Free Consultation

​Our Platform of Choice.

Here at Chib Designed It LLC, we strictly use the WIX platform to design for the convenience of our clients. We have found that the cost to create websites on other platforms can be off-putting. WIX provides the balance of affordability and powerful design.

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Client Testimonials

Really helpful team! Chib was patient and willing to help me out even on the weekend. Though it was a small task, he acted professional and as if it was the most important thing he has to do. He walked me through the steps and answered all of my questions, and offered valuable advice. Thank you!

Natalie Jacobsen

He  is the best.  I would never go anywhere else for my website design.

Ferris Cockrell

I LOVE how my website was designed and how it finally came out! Chib is a very thorough, patient, knowledgeable, detail-oriented and creative web designer. He took my ideas and suggestions and turned them into something beautiful. I now have a very professional, high-quality and fast-loading site and I can’t be proud enough. One more thing, he also took the time to show me how to make changes and updates if need be. Chib Designed it alright! I have already highly recommended him to other business owners.

Rhonda Austin

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