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Will A New Website Bring in the Racks of Cash?

Some may believe that a website will make the money rain from the heavens and solve all your problems. For some people this is very true and for others it is absolutely false. When deciding to get a website, it comes with tremendous upsides but it takes more than a beautiful site to see monetary conversion.

The upsides of a website can be endless. A few we like to share are:

  1. Making a good first, second, third, and endless impression. (Ugly and non-user friendly websites really leave a bad taste in people's mouths)

  2. Reaching a larger audience than just friends, family, and colleagues.

  3. Establishing your digital footprint and authority in the field you're in. (A lot of people use the internet. A lot of people want to find you.)

These three things are important ways to help you get the money desired. However, if you think about it, you can go to Google right now and type in the word "jewelry" and you could easily get 2,640,000,000 hits in less than 0.85 seconds. So if you're in the jewelry business, you have a lot of competition. This is where different tools combined with a beautiful website will help you compete. Back in the day when people were scared of the internet, it was easy to rank highly on Google. However, kids are born saying Google and thus the competition in any field is on fire. Therefore, combining good a good business plan, marketing plan, web design, and Search Engine Optimization will give you the advantage over the competition.

A few tips to be competitive in your field are:

  1. Understand your competitors and find out how to out do them.

  2. Understand how you will make money (i.e. store front sales, delivery sales, apparel sales, sales via social media, etc)

  3. Control your name: Make sure you create a Facebook Page, Instagram Page, TikTok, SnapChat, LinkedIn, or YouTube where applicable. (Note: Social media is not a joke. People get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to run a company's social media. So having time, strategy, research, and execution is a must. If you do it right, social media can take you to new heights).

  4. Know your story. A compelling story will help people understand what they will get from you and why they should give you their money if that is what you seek.

  5. Understand your brand: Knowing your brand identity will help not only with web design, it will help with how you run your business. It's a blueprint on how you relate to customers, partners, associates, make different decisions, and tell your story.

  6. Understand who your target market is: Based on who you want to buy your goods, you should tailor your business practices, web design, and marketing towards the people you're targeting.

Overall, a website alone will not tell bring in the cash. An ugly website or no website will definitely make people not trust you and talk bad about you. A beautiful website will make the haters jealous but the real ones will love it. However, a beautiful website alone needs other aspects to ensure that it brings in the money you seek.

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