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What does a Web Designer really do?

Web Design is an art and a science. Most people may think a web designer's job is to create intricate designs that will wow visitors and make competitors jealous with rage asking themselves "why is our website so trash and this website is immaculate?" Honestly, this is something we hope our client competitors say but that isn't the true goal of web design. Having an awesome design is great but what's better is having a design that works.

Intricate designs can stun visitors but it can also leave them confused. These same intricate designs can be misused if not used in the right situations. If you went to a web page for a painter, you may want to see intricate designs that show off the creativity of that painter to get a taste of their ability. However, if you saw a really fascinating intricate design on a hospital website looking for a doctor to visit, you'd probably be cursing like a sailor asking "what is the purpose of this?" Thus, you have asked the right question. When designing a website, this is the first question a web designer will ask: what is the purpose of this website. The purpose will help the designer guide the website to meet the needs of visitors and the client. Many other questions will follow but web designers will make sure that the design meets the need of the business. Thus, they will not only ask the client how they run their business, but they will also research the industry for best practices to ensure the business is successful. Web designers ensure that the site is a reflection of the business and helps the business achieve the goals that they desire. It is not guaranteed but it is powerful.

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