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Web Design: Don't Get Scammed

We've heard this statement that "web designers are the new mechanics". This is hilarious and not funny all at the same time. You will find in any industry that there are highly reputable companies who will make you hyper ecstatic, there are new up-and-coming companies that will go to the moon and back for you, and there are trash companies and people looking to scam you and chuck up the deuces (disappear).


If you are reading this message, we are imploring you to pay attention. If you are planning to hire a web designer ask for two things: a portfolio and a contract. You want to ensure that the work they say they can do, they have actually done. Second, a contract shows if they are professional or not and it ensures the expectations are clear from the get go. Just be careful out there.


Chib Designed It LLC is a web design and business consultant firm. We specialize in creating unique websites for clients to help them stand out. We also ensure the website harmonizes with the business processes of our clients to help them save time and scale up faster.

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