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If You Come, Come Correct

In this new year, we are a excited about all the possibilities that life has in store. In that excitement, preparation must be made to ensure that your excitement doesn't fizzle out but rather is a seed to more exciting things. So, you want a new website to go along with your new venture. That is FANTASTIC. Now, before you create a website or get one designed for you, there are a couple things you should know in order to come correct. If you are creating a website on your own or going to an freelancer/agency to design for you remember to have these things ready:

  1. Work on your brand identity: When creating a new business or venture, your identity is vital to help people know who you are and what you stand for. When we say you, were talking about your venture or business. Brand identity also helps you choose the colors you want to be associated with you and will help you with logo creation.

  2. Get a logo: A logo is a marker that makes you identifiable. It is also a projection of your brand identity. Make sure the logo is simple in order to be recognizable. Note: If you use a freelance designer or a web design agency, they may be able to create a logo for you but not all freelancers or agencies do logo design. Logo design is very detailed and time consuming.

  3. Get your story straight: A great website should tell a clear story that aligns with the brand identity. This story answers the questions Who are you, what products or services are you offering, why should I care, how have other people benefited from your product or service, and what do you want me to do next? (Buy something, sign up for something, share information, join something, follow something, etc.)

All in all, before you go and create a website or hire a professional, come correct with the needed information and materials. If you don't have these things and want to use a web design professional, let them know up front and that you are willing to work with them to do these things.

At Chib Designed It LLC, we love hearing the passions of our clients and why they do what they do. This allows us to understand their brand identity and help them create one if they haven't done that work yet. We also have also partnered with different professionals to offer brand identity creation, logo design, business solutions, and more. If you are ready for the journey, contact us today at and we'd love to see where your journey takes us.

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