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3 Web Design Questions That Help Your Business Succeed

For many organic, two legged, high brain functioning creatures (humans), web design is about making a website beautiful/attractive in order to entice visitors to buy a product, sign up for something, or contact someone. However, the web design process includes questions that will actually help your business be more successful in the short run and long run. Though there are a plethora of questions that are asked, here are three questions we believe are vital to business success.

1. Who is the target audience you are trying to reach?

By understanding the audience that you are seeking to connect with, a web designer is going to tailor a multitude of the websites design and functions towards that audience. Aspects include fonts, colors, animations, item positionality, and imagery to name a few. For example, if you are trying to reach an audience that is 70 years of age on average, you may see a design that uses a larger font to ensure the legibleness of the website. If the site is geared towards teenagers who love anime, you may see more vibrant colors with sharper fonts and anime style character used across the website. Additionally, if your web designer offers copyright services, the wording used across the website will be tailored towards the target audience. This question about who the target audience is will help business owners work to truly understand their potential customers and thus deliver a product/service that will fill all their needs. This also helps solidify the identity of the business owner's company. How? There is no limitation on how this helps a business owners identity but by understanding the language of customers, business owners can ensure there identity speaks that language. In this case, language refers to what customers value in terms of how they want to be treated, types of products/services they want to have, problems customers may need solved; to name a few.

2. What websites do you like that are already out there?

Design of any sort comes from inspiration. As a designer, I admire the work of other designers and many times reviewing their work can spark an idea inside. Side note: it is cool to reverse engineer some of the work other designers do in order to train my own skills. Now, once ideas are sparked, design can take on a whole new life. However, as a designer, when I ask a client for example sites that they like, I am looking to understand the vision of the client but more importantly, I am hoping to know who I need to beat to ensure my client is competing with the best. When it come's to the client's business, knowing their competitors and learning what they do and don't do well will position our client to create a better product or service. This will lead to a better business and profits. Knowing your competitor is a great advantage to being successful in business.

3. What are your goals for the website?

Sometimes, you may think that getting a website is the natural thing to do for your business. Especially in the time of COVID-19, business had to shift operations online like their life depends on it (in some cases it did). With that, web design is the perfect solution for those business goals. However, not all businesses or organizations need a website. It all depends on the goals. Now, when you decide that a website is vital to your business success, you must understand what the goal of the website is. Some goals are selling a top product, getting people to sign up for a mailing list, selling tickets to an event, securing donations, increasing followers on social media or music platforms, and more. By understanding the goals of your business, this will help the web design. When going through this process of web design, this question should naturally shape your business practices to ensure your website aligns perfectly with the goals that you set.

As a recap, the three questions are who is the target audience for the website?, What websites do you like?, and what are the goals of the website? These questions help the designer tailor the website to the audience that will use the site based on fonts, colors, imagery, functionality, and more. The web designer also is able to understand the competition that is out their in your industry that will help ensure the website is better if not on the same level as competitors to ensure your business is on a strong foundation. Lastly, these questions will help understand the goals of the business thus aligning with the goals of the web design. These questions ensure that your website is a perfect reflection of your business. If you ever need help with your website, don't hesitate to contact Chib Designed It LLC.

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