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3 Things Web Designers Do That You Might Not Know

Sometimes when you think about web design, the first thing that may come to mind is a beautiful and eye catching design that will make competitors jealous and visitors feel like they need whatever you're selling. Like this image:

However, a beautiful design is not the main task of a web designer. Here are three things that you may not know a professional web designer may do to ensure your success.

1. Accessibility work: Professional web designers understand that websites must be accessible for people with different physical needs. For example, designs must be easy to use for blind people. This may seem counter intuitive but yes, blind people need to use websites. They Google stuff just like the rest of us. Therefore, the websites must be easily read aloud so blind people can navigate your pages. Other needs people may have is colorblindness, ADHD, ADD, and epilepsy to name a few. Professional web designers take these things into deep consideration.

2. Competitor Research: Professional web designers will always research the competition to understand what they are doing well and what they do that sucks. Based on this information, web designers will work to ensure you are competitive in your market at the least and at best you can put your competitors to shame and sleep joyfully knowing that you got a bunch of newly found haters. Competitor research is vital to the goals of your website. You'll see the value of competitor research in the design process as your business, program, organization, etc. will be forced to answer vital questions that will actually improve your processes.

3. Brand Alignment: Professional web designers work hard to ensure that the website is a perfect reflection of the brand that you have. No matter what your selling or what your objective may be, your brand is your message. Your brand is the emotion people feel when they think about you. Your brand is your identity and the website must perfectly capture that brand. During the web design process, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your brand and ensure that you are proud of what you stand for.

Bonus: We believe that professional web designer should also work to save you time. Creating a website where you can change certain things easily will save you time and money. Instead of calling your web designer for every small detail, you can change things yourself. Thus, you can save your money for when you need something major done on your site. Web designers do more than just design and we hope this article gives you a little more insight on some things web designers are contemplating to ensure they deliver a superior product.

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