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3 Things to Do Before Contacting A Web Designer

The design process is exactly what the third word said, a "process". A great designer has their own process which helps them produce excellent designs that you may have seen in their portfolio. (If you believe you're a great designer but don't know your process, take time to reflect on it and figure out what seems to work for you.) For those who want to hire a designer, here are three tips that will help the process go smoother.

1. Research the Cost of hiring a web designer (especially in differing locations)

When you come to a designer, you should try to understand what a reasonable budget is. This will help you customize your packages and get the right value for what you're looking for. The cost for design services vary for what you're looking for i.e. how many pages are to be designed, what is the turnaround time desired, how many automations are to be created, is coding necessary, and more. Knowing the prices of design services will help you negotiate in good faith so all parties are happy.

2. Find Some Websites That You Like

When you contact a designer, it is not always easy for them to understand exactly what your vision is. Thus, it is always helpful to share with designers, different websites that you really like. It let's designers know if they can meet the quality you expect and the direction the site needs to go to meet your standards.

3. Be a Strong Communicator

Strong communication does not require you to be overbearing. It requires your attention so that when the designer contacts you, your replies will help them get the design finished faster. Via email or phone, stay ready to respond to get your design back to you faster.

As a recap, research the cost of web design services to be ready to negotiate in good faith, find websites you like to help the designer understand the quality and style you are seeking, and be a strong communicator to help get your new website across the line faster.


Chib Designed It LLC is a web design and business consultant firm. We specialize in creating unique websites for clients to help them stand out. We also ensure the website harmonizes with the business processes of our clients to help them save time and scale up faster.

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