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Q: What does Chib Design It do?

A: Chib Designed It creates high quality websites using the Wix platform.

Q: How long does it take to finish a website?

A: Chib Designed It allows the customer to set the deadline for completion. It is important to note that Chib Designed It gets work faster when the customer is quick to respond to questions during the design process.

Q: What does it cost to get a website made?

A: Chib Designed It allows the customer to set the price they want to pay based on the honor system. Chib Designed It knows that everyone doesn't have the same budget but they are still important. After the free consultation, a price will be agreed upon.

Q: How do I maintain my website after purchase and completion?

A: Chib Designed It does not maintain websites but will offer to train anyone on how to maintain their website, free of charge.

Q: How much does it cost to keep my website running?

A: The cost of running your website depends on your specific needs. Depending on where you purchase your domain and where you are building your website, your costs may differ. Chib Designed It will do a ground level cost analysis for customers upon request, and of course, it's free of charge.

Q: Will Chib Designed It write content for my website?

A: Chib Designed It will not write content for your website. Chib Designed It will put placeholder information in places where you will be able to type in your information or copy and paste it. Website content creation is a different job than website design. If you are in need of content writing that will cost extra.

Q: What do I (the customer) need to do during the design process?

A: Chib Designed It asks that the customer is quick to respond to messages and keeps to weekly meetings. Good communication will ensure that the website is done to the full satisfaction of the customer and completed in a timely manner.

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